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I would like to share with you a little book review on “The Thursday Murder Club” by Richard Osman, the book I just finished reading.
To begin with I should confess that I am the real fan of Agatha Christie and her Miss Marpl stories. I adore this slow and calm rhythm of narrative, old-fashioned or sometimes simply old protagonis­ts and the plot which seems to lack action and not to be fast-moving, but in reality gripping and intriguing.
Richard Osman obviously is not Agatha Christie but, in my humble opinion, this book was created by the same recipe or with similar ingredient­s as the ones of the Queen of detectives.
The setting is the retirement village Cooper’s Chase where four curious pensioners entertain themselves by solving old crimes. Luckily for them, a real murder takes place in their village, followed by another one. So these retired ladies and gentlemen are very busy chasing criminals, solving 50 years old mysteries and drinking cherry and wine while discussing who the most probable murderer is.
Of course there is a heart-breaking love story in this detective story, several funerals and touching suicide note. The book is the cocktail of strong emotions covered with light irony.
I really did enjoy reading this book. The only problem or drawback of the book which I feel obliged to mention is the plethora of names and characters. I found it almost impossible to remember all of them and sometimes was not able to understand who exactly the author is talking about. But to be honest I am not sure if it is really the downside of the book or maybe it’s already time for me to join pensioners it their comfort retirement village and to begin worthless struggle with dementia.
If you are fond of cozy crime stories this book is for you. Don’t forget to prepare some tea and biscuits. It would be an excellent combinatio­n.
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