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Hello CMT community, I am very happy because joining to CMT. My biggest wish is improved my english. Now i am practising english everyday by using Duolingo and Elsa Apps on IOS and i am trying to learn english for 30 min per day. In plus, i'm reading this news on CNET and listening the postcast on youtube. Nice to meet you
langue: Anglais   Connaissance des langues: Locuteur natif, Compétence, Avancé, Intermédiaire supérieur

Rectifié Niall

Hello CMT community, I am very happy to be joining CMT. My biggest wish is to improve my English. Now I am practising English every day by using Duolingo and ELSA apps on iOS. I am trying to learn English for 30 min each day. Also, I'm reading the news on CNET and listening to a podcast on YouTube. Nice to meet you.
Niall:  Hi Hoàng. It's nice to meet you. My name is Niall and I am from Ireland. I have been learning Norwegian for two years. Good luck with your learning.

Hoàng:  Thank you very much. Very happy when received your comment. i will see and note my errors to complete next times. I wish you continue to help me to improve my english.

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